The power of believing in yourself is more valuable than words can express!!!! At 280lbs I didn’t believe in anything about me! When I was that heavy I gave up on everything. I gave up on positive thoughts. I gave up on just being happy in general. I was so miserable because the weight was such a burden it became a cement block from my thoughts. When I was that heavy I felt paralyzed not just physically but emotionally I was so paralyzed from all the joys that were around me that nothing brought me happiness!!. I share my journey with all of you because I want to genuinely help others believe in themselves enough to do what’s necessary to find happiness again. That’s why I share my journey in all honesty (the good the bad and all of the in between) because I have nothing to hide and I want others to see exactly what I’ve gone through. I share all of this in the hope to restore belief that one can go from weighing 280 pounds to becoming a fit healthy version of yourself!! Much love IG peeps!.❤️LVNFIT aka Tanya #believe #ilovecrazyfilters #notafraidtoshowmyresults #womanlycurves #results #nolonger280pounds #nofear

Start your Healthy Fitness Journey

via Instagram October 04, 2013 at 10:38PM

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