This is important to remember and is something I am trying to do now daily. Think of how fit you’d be if you started when you first thought of starting? Or where you’d be if you didn’t stop. Falling is ok, but make sure you get back up. I battle with this daily in my business and my fitness and finally I’m realizing what it takes. Are you a leader or not? Because you can be a leader and set the pace or you can follow the crowd into mcdonalds drive thru. But it’s up to you. You don’t like your body? Change it. You don’t like your job? Change it. You have the choice to do and be anything and it’s fully on you what you turn out to be. Be who you want to face in the mirror every morning. #change #leader #gym #fit #fitness #fitlife #fitfam #goals #health #followme #followback #motivation #fitnessmotivation #life #encourage #fitnessmodel #eatclean #gains #bulk

Start your Healthy Fitness Journey

via Instagram October 05, 2013 at 09:47PM

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