Today I turn 35!!! Say whaaaaaaat?! Today I celebrate life!!. Today I celebrate no longer weighing 280lbs and being able to finally LIVE my life. I celebrate having 3 kids and being able to rescue my body with healthy eating and exercise. Today I celebrate recovering from some major AB repair surgery. Today I celebrate ME. I’m so thankful to be alive, happy and able to help others. Today I realize how age is really just a number nothing more nothing less. The strange thing is I feel more like I’m 25 now because I’m happy and full of energy and healthy. When I was 25 I felt like I was 40 or 45 I just felt older than myself when I was in my 20’s because of my weight and how poor my health was. So although the clock doesn’t stop ticking I truly feel like I’ve reversed the hands of time. I feel like I’ve given my body back some of the youth I wasted being heavy. Today I celebrate the true meaning of living which is to be alive, healthy & happy as well as give back to others on this same journey. Here’s to aging younger, healthier & happier!!! CHEERS

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via Instagram October 06, 2013 at 10:22AM

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