We are running a Freestyle Lifestyle challenge this month for our team. Today is a pop challenge and we decided to extend it to any taking challenger on instagram! . POP CHALLENGE! Good afternoon! And happy Sunday! First pop challenge! Wall sits! These are such a great workout! And something we seriously can do almost anywhere. Today I’m challenging you to try an hold a wall sit for as long as you can and have someone take a photo or set up a timer and take one of yourself. You can try as many times as you would like today but you only get ONE time entry (use your stop watch and take a snap shot as well) and you DON’T combined all the times together. So you can do a bunch and pick your best one. Or just do it once. Up to you! I think u should try and keep beating your own time all day tho! Gotta tag us #FREETOBEFIT and make a photo with FREE TO BE FIT on top in order to have a chance to win! LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!!

Start your Healthy Fitness Journey

via Instagram October 06, 2013 at 02:32PM

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