Gosh, I’m always so attractive in the morning! Nahhhhtt haha. Anyway, the top pics are my breakfast, I had two whole grain waffles with my all natural dark chocolate peanut butter, granola and bananas that I then made into a sandwich. I had a side of apples and some tea to get me a little energized. My yummy lunchy was a whole bag of broccoli with leftover turkey from our thanksgiving. This may sound childish but I HATE broccoli and I am proud of myself for eating so much of it lately, it’s a food that makes me feel a million times healthier after eating it and if I have one piece with a piece of protein it usually masks it and makes me forget how much I despise it. The bottom left is me slugging off my water bottle my husband got me for my bday, my boss was upset at me Bringing my massive water jug to work everyday so I’ve downsized and it had a filter so I’m not creeped out by water from the mall now. Anyway, I’m stuck at work until nine thirty today and there is a tornado warning for here tonight, it’s been pouring rain and high winds so hopefully the mall doesn’t get blown away with me in it tonight, it’ll be like Dorothy in wizard of oz!

Start your Healthy Fitness Journey

via Instagram October 07, 2013 at 01:58PM

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