#fnweekend #fnweekend #fnweekend soooo where to begin?! I’ve been a big girl my whole life, family problems and my life that led me to a deep depression, binge eating and trichitilimania, for those who don’t know what that is it is a hair pulling disorder… Crazy I know… I topped the scales in July 2012 at 285, being only 5’3″ that’s pretty dangerous, I could barely walk around the block without huffing and puffing, having fast foo. 2-3 times a day cause I was to lazy to cook. finally when I moved to Florida I created and Instagram and finally started buckling down to teach my goal of serving in the United States Navy, no one believed in MeV no friends no family, just my internet friends! @jazzythings #jazzythings was one of the first to inspire me and be a true #fitfriend I started using some of the recipes she posted, got my big booty in the gym, and did a 180 in my life with fitness and nutrition, completely cut fast food out of my life and started being gluten free and dairy free. In a years time I lost 87.5 lbe, down 2ft in inches all over my body, pang size 24-15, and shirt XXL-L! Amazing to me, and -9% of my body fat! At my year and 1 month mark I had mad the weight cut for the navy!!! I am still on my weight loss journey, but the next 5 months I am carrying around my future body builder I’ve been blessed with. But that is NOT an excuse to let all my hard work go to waste! I would be so honored to meet you ladies and learn from you! I recently moved back to buffalo ny to get support through this pregnancy and would love to see the city for the first time! Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!!! Fit, love, and nut butters!

Start your Healthy Fitness Journey

via Instagram October 07, 2013 at 09:38PM

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