@teyonce24 ✌️☺️ LOVE THIS GIRL! Met her in Chico … We had our fare share of partying in Chico and both realize what it takes to have a fit body. We gotta work for it and want it. But most important believe it. One of the biggest things that set me back all these years was telling myself that I could not be fit. I thought I had a “oversized” body type. I looked at fit and thin girls and just thought they had it easy and never told myself I could have that body too… so I was constantly struggling to find ways to look that way but with no real knowledge or understanding HOW to get there. Shakeology seriously makes our life’s so much easier by giving us EVERYTHING our bodies need to feel healthy and alive… Yes we gotta workout and eat clean too … But shakeo is the fuel we need to make it happen. And joining a team to help hold u accountable is how I believe I will never let myself give up. So thank you @teyonce24 for joining the team with me! I’m very happy to have ur pretty face be part of #freetobefit and I LOVE that you live in LA with me now! She is a rockin little dancer and her dreams will come true here. Just need to believe in yourself. Beachbody is a gateway to so many other things. It’s not just about fitness… It’s about YOUR LIFE ✌️

Start your Healthy Fitness Journey

via Instagram October 10, 2013 at 01:33PM

Get a Beach Body Coach | Join A Free Beach Body Challenge



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